Break Falls

Break Falls is a girls’ band that plays emotional songs, with melodies that will easily pull you in. Sweet Indie-pop with a taste of folk, eighties, classics, electro, Latin America and punk, or not.


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our EP Rules on a tape / 2020

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our album You Are / 2016

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about us

We are a Czech alternative indie-pop band from Brno formed in 2014. We started as two 15 years old girls, Alžběta with a piano and Markéta playing guitar, with many good ideas and even many more bad ones. Through a lot of tries and fails, we have been moving forward to really get to know what it is that we want to sing about. What the melodies that express our hearts are. Since 2016 there are twice as many of us. Sabi has brought a rhythm with drums, and Klára is blackmailing you with the sound of a viola. We created our debut album, You Are, in Autumn 2016. It was a very important step for all of us because since then, we take these songs as done, and we can work on new ones, with a vision to bring you a second album as soon as possible.

In 2018 we recorded our new single “Closer.” In 2018/19, we made a year of silence because Alžběta has left for one year in Germany. In October 2019, we came back together with many new instruments, new techniques, many new songs in many different styles. A little bit of punk, electro, Latin America, folk, the eighties, classics… All in all, this was a huge step! On the 22nd of November 2020, we released our first EP Rules with songs: Hear my voice, Look Up, Carry Me Out, Crazy, and Hold Me. However, we are quite sure we will need a lot of help and support. You can help us by simply listening to our music or sharing it with others. You can buy our album or our hats. And you can support our work financially, to help us to make our passion realizable. Feel free to contact us about anything.
Always with love,
Break Falls

behind the band


Alzbeta Brothankova

Alzbeta is a creative and purposeful young artist and frontwoman of the band. She was born in Brno, as the youngest of five beautiful children. After graduation from high school, she left for an adventurous year in a picturesque Bavarian town called Altötting. For nine months, she was part of a life-changing project called Emmanuel School of Mission. After coming back from Germany, she started studying political science in Brno and works as a graphic designer in Vienna.
She started the band together with Markéta during the time in high school. She is the one who leads the band towards new recordings, concerts, and projects. And a big part of the songs comes from her head and creative mind.


Marketa Chmelikova

Marketa is the co-creator of the band and a very talented guitar player, musician, and singer. On the stage, she can make an impression as a melancholic and quiet young woman, but in her real life, she is a very warm-hearted and authentic soul, being herself in every situation. She was born in Brno and grew up in a family with three older sisters. After finishing high school, she began studying Psychology. During her studies, she, for example, volunteered to regularly visit cancer patients and be there for them through this difficult time. She also works as an assistant to an academic Psychology teacher.
The second half of the songs is coming from her creative soul. Her deep and warm voice gives the songs a broader color and confidence, which beautifully illustrates her character.


Sabina Kasparova

Sabi is the third girl who joined Alzbeta and Marketa in the band. She is the fixed point of the band, with her exact rhythm. Sabi comes from a small village, not far away from Brno, and grew up with an older brother and twin sister. After finishing high school, she started studying acting at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. In addition to her studies, she teaches acting and organizes camps for children. Besides drums, she also plays the bass guitar in another band.
Her big dream would be to have a dog, a crossbreed. And we know she would be the best and the most loyal owner to him. EDIT: she got the dog.
With her ease and smile, Sabi calms every storm. She can create a place of peace even in the war zone of a girl's band.


Klara Kalcikova

Klara came as the last one, but it was she who made this band truly complete. She was born in a small town called Třešť and grew up in a family with two older sisters. After graduation, she found herself studying viola at a conservatory and Mediterranean studies. She wanted to discover a little more of her life, so she left for France in Emmanuel School of Mission for one year. After her studies, she began teaching violin in Třešť, study viola in Ostrava, and work in a bank in Brno. There is still some time left to work as a producer of a band and a festival.
The others in Break Falls have always dreamed of playing with an orchestra, and Klara herself made this dream come true. She’s the one who connects the band, and with her kindness, brings peace into every struggle. She is extremely talented in languages and music. She tunes the tones and corrects the words, creating the ending of what you hear.



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